Saturday, February 6, 2010

The Wedding Dance

So, my wife and I met 5 or 6 years ago. We weren't married when we met. The marriage came later. This is how it happened-
I went to a wedding just after highschool. It was the first wedding I went to where I wasn't related to the bride and groom in any way. Michelle was there as a bride's maid for my friend, but I don't remember talking to her or meeting her. I was more interested in just dancing in a circle, not knowing the camera or Michelle was recording my moves.
Soon I left for San Diego on a Spanish speaking mission for 2 years, where the first conference in front of the mission I had to introduce myself and said "You know the field is white and already to harvest or in my case its brown and talks too fast". I wasn't asked to speak in front of the mission again.
Upon coming home I found myself playing another kind of field. For 3 years I had no luck in converting a girlfriend to an eternal companion. I found myself in a strange jungle with cougars while living single in Provo and going to school.
Michelle by this time had enlisted in the mission field in San Fernando, Spanish speaking. Then she came home and replayed that tape in her mind of me dancing and inquired my friend as to setting up a date.
I know my friend Jamber likes to take credit for us meeting but I think the credit really goes to the dance moves that impacted Michelle's heart for like 5 or 6 years. How often do dance moves affect people's hearts like that? Not often. The only examples that would be comparable would be Elvis' hips and Michael Jackson's moonwalking.
Jamber sent me a message on Facebook and I eventually saved the date. Michelle had begun texting me and would say things like "rawrrr" and I would reply "meow". With all this texting and waiting 5 or 6 years to see me again Michelle just couldn't wait 5 or 6 more days till our official blind date and we met early. Then eventually (like 3 months later) got married.
Later Michelle told me that she knew I was the one after our 3rd date. We went on a crazy adventure date going to various locations, finally ending up at a carnival set up by a local Catholic church. There was a local band with a trumpet playing so we went to see. Normally people at local band shows are quite reserved and this awkward tension can only be danced off. Michelle initiated it and we began to show off some real groove and sweat, dancing, while nervous onlookers took pictures of us. This time I knew the camera was recording and knew Michelle.
So, my advice to you single ladies and gents is if you want to get married then you need to dance.

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