Thursday, February 4, 2010

Practicality is so hip and smart

Miguel and I finally live in a place that doesn't feel like a cheap hotel or like we're imposing on some stranger's basement. Its called BYU housing and I was really against the idea cause I thought I would feel like I was in Sunday School all the time. As you know as a youth I would often make excuses and cry if I had to go to Sunday School. So there were some trepidations but now I love it. Also, I am sort of hipster so I wanted somewhere cool but now I see how bad it is to follow trends instead of something practical. Practicality is so hip and smart and our place is totally hipster anyway!

Miguel is now going to school without any distractions like:
-House music randomly during the day and night
-swearing and yelling from the other side of the wall
-random smoke smells
-a huge commute
-an overall awkward feeling coming home or leaving
-having to climb a mountain upon coming home

I started my new job at the U.S. Census Bureau and although I've sworn a life oath of never indulging anything about my job (yep), I will tell you a few things that do not pertain to Title 13 Confidentiality Regulations. I got referenced by a coworker to looking, sounding, and acting like David Spade or "that guy from Tommy Boy". Its a really cool job because I will be monitoring phone calls instead of having to actually make or take phone calls. It pays well and ends in July so I'll be able to finally go back to school on my terms: with money and time to study. Also, I might be able to get the morning shift so I'll be able to see Miguel more but if not I'll at least be compensated handsomely for working nights.



Krista Eger said...

Woohoo! I also have recently stumbled upon some condos in Provo that cost what we are paying now, but with three bedrooms! We can't move till July so I'll be praying till then that there is an opening! :D

We need to hang out and soon cause I need someone to help me speak the spanish (I'm taking a class)! :D And cause Phil talks about you like a school girl with a crush! JK, but seriously come over soon!

Nicholas said...

That is a good idea. I know Phil sometimes made his companions jealous in the mission when he would call me to talk about shirts that say things like "Holla Allah!"

Now my phone is working again.