Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Movie Review- 500 Days of Summer

Miguel and I watched this 500 Days of Summer flick last night.

I give it 4 stars out of 6 rainbows.

This is one of those "indie" movies which means they dress like hipsters and listen to the Smiths or Pixies or some band that you might not hear on the radio but recognize from commercials. Anyway, as I have said in this blog that we are definitely a little hipster and indie. Takes one to know one (kid I think you got it bad), if you recognize those lyrics then I would say you are a hipster indie person as well.

I liked this movie. Any movie that has funny dialogue always gets me. Usually any movie with Zooey Deschanel aint so bad either. She did a great job playing the fun but flighty girl who wants friendship while Joseph Gordon Levitt played the other person in the movie. He is the main star who is either having the best time of his life or the worst because of this Summer (Zooey). Not quite the same boy meets girl plot but not too different. Its quirky enough to watch again and again but its no Juno. I'm just glad to see a movie that doesn't have John Travolta or Kate Hudson in it because those are way too mainstream mediocre and I'm indie.

On that note I did get into Lady Gaga for like 10 seconds and now I'm over it. She isn't that good. Especially when you put her in league with people like Regina Spektor or Yeah Yeah Yeahs. Thats another story though.

500 Days of Summer felt like watching an old relationship that at the time seemed so important but then afterward its like did I really think Lady Gaga was good? I don't know why I was tricked into that one. So I recommend watching this movie because its like a young High Fidelity.

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