Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Some pics, facts and things incase you missed them

A glimpse at our lives through the lens of a cell phone camera:

Fat Nick

Michelle's Halloween costume. One person thought she was Edward from Twilight.

This is an old pic I found of the old lady red hat club.

Genius marketing at Utah Valley University

Dumpster diver douche. As you can see from the U-haul truck on the left, this was the day we moved out of that complex.

Found this little gem at a thrift store. What a 5 head!

Amber likes to dance to fireworks at the Mayan as part of the entertainment.

Git R Did and a butterfly

MarRae being secretary/pranksta at T-ville city hall.

Tyra going 80's!

Is this sign telling me to go to hell?

What a steal of a deal!

Keepin it clean

Nick's single ready to mingle days

When Michelle speaks spanish she turns into Miguel. This is a video of Miguel and her amazing and beautifully exotic accent.

Celebs Nick has met, seen, or encountered:
Andrew W.K.
Harrison Ford
Norm Macdonald
Pat O'Brien
Ron Paul
Dick Cheney (giving commencement speech at BYU)
Ralph Nader (giving alternative commencement speech at UVU)
Joel McHale
Chelsea Clinton
Lavelle Edwards
& the lead singer of Modest Mouse

Michelle can no longer have an X ray done due to having so many injuries and X-rays, it might cause radiation. I asked her to write them all down but can't due to the volume. Nick has never broken a bone or had stitches.

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