Friday, February 12, 2010

Marketed to Kids, Made for Adults

Today we almost took a drive to Disneyland.

Its sort of tradition for us to randomly start escalating our plans to the point of packing up and driving to California or Vegas by that same day.

We didn't this time. Last year we drove to Santa Monica on a whim of "You don't have to work and we have money! What are we doing here?" Its fun but this time we thought we should save some of our time and money. What dummies right? Anyway, tomorrow we are going to Jump On It and jump on it. Its one of those places that are enticing to kids but designed for adults.

Kind of like one of those computer animated movies I'm not too attracted to. Why do people give me so much guff about that? Every time Michelle mentions that I haven't seen Finding Nemo or Cars or the Incredibles, people act like I killed a penguin because they just can't comprehend the idea of why this would happen.

I'm sorry. Those movies are marketed for kids but made for adults who really would want to watch them anyway but only justify it by bringing kids along. The humor in these movies are mostly rehashed, family oriented versions of Monty Python. I don't hate them but I just don't have a desire to see them. Again, marketed to kids but written for the adults that want that cartoon silliness but are too mature to admit it.

Kind of like Disneyland. Hmmm.....

Just watch some Monty Python's Flying Circus already.

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