Saturday, February 20, 2010

"We need to have more parties!"

So, you know how we live in Provo now? Welllll we're about 1 minute from this Provo Temple. Yesterday we embarked on doing a session there and saw that they needed some people for Sealings. It was pretty good. We had a temple worker that could actually pronounce all the exotic names and he kept it light by telling us about the funny names he would find while doing Sealing sessions, such as; Iona Ford, Mary Bones, etc.

Anyway, after we're done and leaving an old man comes up to Michelle and is going in for a kiss on the cheek, which Michelle goes along with awkwardly and confused (kind of like our first kiss). Then he comes up to me and says "We need to have more parties!" and I said "Yeah, thats what I say!" Then he goes on.
"Hows the family?"
"Oh they're good"
"Yeah? Good. Jerry is doing good?"
Who is Jerry? I don't know. I swiftly try to get us out of there before he finds out we're not who he thinks we are. Then Michelle blurts out "I don't know a Jerry!?" and I said "Just go with it!" and we got out of there. We didn't see him again.

That was a one of our better temple experiences.

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