Sunday, February 14, 2010

The Times of Valen

This was probably the best Valentine's day ever. Miguel likes to call it "Valen Time's Day" like its some newspaper that prints stories about lovers or some guy named Valen who is such a lover we celebrate his existence every year by being in love.

Its probably a really good thing we didn't just up and leave to Cali this year. Last year was a lot of fun. So fun because Michelle served her LDS mission in North Hollywood and Burbank so we were able to meet some of her converts and the members there who loved her. I mean loved her. They were so happy to see her. (Almost as happy as Michelle gets when I buy her a soft furry stuffed animal).

We met a guy named Brother Cannon. An old World War II vet who later became one of the Seventy for the LDS church and had the greatest gift of discernment of anyone I ever met. He had me shave and had us write down our names in cursive and then a few sentences by which he would explain to us what kind of people he thought we were. He was about 100% correct. We went to his house where his son told us he had been hospitalized. So we went there. A week later he died.

Oh the times of Valen! This year we went to Jump on It, a place that just has about 30 trampolines lined up next to each other with about that many kids jumping on them. I stubbed my toe after 20 mins and we had to go. Also we ate out. Michelle said to make sure I get her flowers. Luckily I found a shirt she would like that had flowers on it. Flowers for V day are nice but they die. T-Shirts, thats where true love is at!

That said I endorse Joel Stein's tweet today- "Why should only Christmas get a better greeting than 'happy'? Let's start saying 'Sexy Valentine's Day'. Also 'Acceptable Presidents Day'


Krista Eger said...

Pretty sure there isn't a couple in this world more fit than you two! haha!

Hola said...

Thanks! Ditto