Sunday, September 26, 2010

When Things Come Back

Found my ring. It was on the floor by the computer.
Now enjoy some pictures I found on the Internets-
 Simba and Mofassa. 

 a cute Yorkie. 

 funny clothing and hair. 


I'd also like to thank everyone who has bought my art recently. Really cool of you guys. I'm just happy that people like it and want it in their homes. Genuinely satisfying to make something of my own creativity and have it be accepted into the world. Might be what parents feel when they're kids win something. 
If you have yet to see my art don't fret. I have a link for you. 

 Also found some pics from my High School years. No surprises here.

 Thrift clothing is the best. 

Called to serve in San Diego. Doesn't that look so New Era? 

 Brian Bowles and I left the same day.

 Ashtyn and Mojo. 



Kelli said...

I love what you do with the colors in your art. It looks amazing!

Senor Boyero said...

Thanks Kelli. You're a doll