Monday, September 20, 2010

Forever Young

My parents saved me from the worry of getting a great Halloween costume (despite adulthood ruining Halloween). I will be Nacho from Nacho Libre. They left it on the table and upon them coming home from the store I was already practicing my Luchador moves in full Nacho Libre attire. Its to be expected.

We have been living in Provo's BYU Married Student Housing for 9 months now. Possibly shorter. I lack the motivation to recall the date we left the cardboard walled domicile in Salt Lake. Our cinder blocked place is fitting. Although our hearts still belong to California.

We are called to be the Family History Consultants. I even made a flyer-
I seem to always take a Photoshop approach to life. Its worked out well. Since being unemployed I've made $180 from my Photography/Digital Art. And I'm in talks for selling my art in Sugarhouse at this place called "Two Dancing Cats". 

Meanwhile in Toon Town, Michelle saw Lion King live.

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Tyra said...

I love the flyer! Nice job!