Tuesday, April 6, 2010

A Cat, Some Dogs, and the Easter Bunny

We saved a cat. Cali the Calico Cat is now hiding under our bed. Cali's got anxiety and not a lot of friends. Miguel's parents were going to send her away to either the big house or the Big Man upstairs. Fortunately, fate intervened and we were able to get her in before then. Miguel loves Cali because she gets her, and because Miguel basically loves most things with her whole soul, including ice cream and Hello Kitty. Well that worked out but unfortunately, not so much for some wiener dogs.

I love wiener dogs of all sorts, especially the ones that were living at my parents' house, Joey and Josie. My parents decided to give them to the Humane Society because they weren't house broken very well and Ma and Pa didn't like cleaning up after them anymore. Now my favorite wiener dogs are either in the big house or with the Big Man upstairs. All dogs go to heaven you know. Mom said it was an Easter present to my dad. Apparently, the Easter Bunny is now in the business of getting rid of dogs.

I heard about the news last night and thought why would the Easter Bunny do this to me? Especially after being so good to Miguel and I. Buttering me up with a brand new Nano Ipod and Miguel with a brand new swimsuit, among other candies.

Rory might go rescue the wieners. I would but I'm already harboring a cat convict. Cali the Calico Cat is pretty easy to harbor. Having a cat with anxiety is kind of like having no cat at all. I think Cali went to that Milford Academy where you're neither seen nor heard.


Jamber said...

I am glad you saved the cat. Sorry a out your cute dogs. Love the swim suit.

Hola said...

Than Q. Maybe someday I'll own a hundred wiener dogs. Probably not.