Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The Morning of the Kidney Stones

It was a dark and dreary morning. I woke up in the dark and pulled my soul up and into "business casual" clothing to work in. Need to do the wash soon, all my "biz cazsh" clothing doesn't even match anymore. I don't care. My hair looks like death, like if Albert Einstein ever rode a convertible. On the road again. Listening to talk radio voices in my head. Its windy and the roads are winding. I get to work and mumble in through the doors like a lost sheep wandering to the slaughter. I'm still waking from my peaceful resting from the night before. Boss is the usual villain. Coworkers comment on my lack of hair care. Business as usual.
Then, I feel my pants vibrating. A jolt of energy fills my legs and I leap to my feet to answer the call. Its my wife. She's in pain. "I'm having a kidney stone", this is nothing new to me. I engaged myself to this woman while she was on morphine from a kidney stone. Her kidneys have always been A-holes. "It hurts really bad." I realize that she is calling me specifically for help not just in the emotional realm. Tell the boss via electricity that I must leave the grind and help out my distressed damsel.
On the road yet again. I fly through the traffic like a mountain goat jumping through the vertical terrain. Almost there. It feels like the wind is always against me.
Finally, my arrival is met by my lady coming down the stairs of our apartment. We brisk off to the hospital. The gatekeeper holds us momentarily and then we are shown a room where we must wait for our room service to bring us pain killers. Michelle is very sad from her pain. We wait. Finally our medicine woman shows up and decides the best way to inject the drugs is in the butt. So they do. A half hour later and all is calm.
The doctor can't believe all the things Michelle is spewing about her history with her kidneys. Like the time she had to pull out her own stints from her own urethra. The doctor is helpful for once and astonishingly is listening to Michelle. Another appointment is made Thursday for a specialist. The dark morning disperses into a lighter afternoon.
While I was waiting with Michelle, I noticed after the doctor had left, on the computer was a window open for Kidney Stone information from Wikipedia! Wikipedia? Really?



Love it!! Im super glad the dr had to look up info on Kidney stones, are u sure he was a Dr? I guess thats why they call it "practicing" medicine!!

Hola said...

Ha ha!