Friday, April 16, 2010

Whip It -Movie Review

From the directorial debut of Drew Barrymore you can expect the movie to generally be a reflection of Drew, that being an obnoxiously annoying, scattered, trendy hipster. The movie is at times charismatic and sometimes funny but not substantially moving and mostly the comedy is predictable. There are a few hints at something, but it loses focus, and tries too hard, and thus, its hard to keep interested, mostly due to the fact that every 10 seconds a new indie song comes on and the scene turns into ANOTHER montage. It felt like if Urban Outfitters had commercials. There are hardly any scenes that don't have some obnoxious futile randomly rebellious face gestures or acting out in some way. Another thing is, in the movie, Juno is 17 and lies about it and has sex in a pool with some guy in his 20's. Rape? It was weird.

All the characters were amazingly predictable, heres the disapproving parents, heres the rival, heres the love interest, etc. No real character development and just random emotions like they were suddenly assigned these confusing emotions, which they were but the point of art is for it to be an escape and I wish I could've escaped from this movie. The scenes? Predictable and unrealistic- heres the part where no one believes in the protagonist, heres the part where things fall apart, heres the part where things work out in the end. Lots of heavy handed random interactions. There was also a lot of swearing for some reason. I wouldn't swear by this movie. Its not great. A shame because it could've been good. Its a lot of talent gone to s@*%. I guess I did swear by it.

The best part was when a Strokes song came on that I hadn't heard in a while.

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