Saturday, March 13, 2010


This weekend we babysat a little fireball named Carter. At first I wasn't sure what to expect. His mom kept saying he was counting down the days and then the hours till he could come hang out with Michelle and I. He had never had a sleep over without his big "Dister" before. So the pressure was on.

When I picked him up his older sister was crying. I felt like the bad guy in an old non-animated Disney movie like Beethoven. You could call me the modern Charles Grodon if you like. Anyway, as I was pulling out in the car, big Dister came running out to give Carter a hug and Carter as cool as can be said "Here I will give you something" and then handed her his favorite little teddy bear from out of his bag. It was very touching again like a non-animated Disney film.

We took him to Avatar. He was too tired and although at times mystified by the giant blue indians he wanted to go take a nap. We took him home and he wasn't able to sleep that well all night. But, he was a trooper and in the morning we watched Spongebob and ate some pancakes and a pickle and then for lunch pizza.

It was a good time cause little kids always deliver in saying something funny. For instance while eating pickles Carter said "I think if I ate all of them I would turn into a super hero...a spicy one." Another time after he jumped off the couch, he said "Hey look! I bounced my nose off the remote AND that did NOT hurt at all!" After looking at one of my pictures on the wall he gave me some advice and said "I know where you can take the best picture ever! In the woods...and...its a tiger" Thanks Carter for the cool weekend!


Krista Eger said...

What a cool kid! And adorable (from what I can tell!) Hopefully Nate ends up as cool!

Tyra said...

Sounds like you had a great time with Master Carter! He's a cool kid when he's one on one. Thanks for taking him! Love the blog!

Amber said...

This made me laugh so much! carter is full of the randomness sayings!!! thanks for having him!! He had a very good time!!

Rodger said...

So pickle is the secret superhero ingredient. I never Knew and now want a pickle!!!!!!!!!!