Sunday, April 10, 2011


We were promised jetpacks. Not really. I think thats a band. Oh great a blog post where I just talk bullcrap back and forth to myself. Like anyone really needs another one of those. I don't. Do you? Probably not. Well, think about it.
Enough with the small talk. Michelle and I had a great old time at Disneyland. The land of dreams. You just know theres some creepy conspiracies going on in that place. But, its quite fun. The rides are great. They're really visual rides. Which I like. Michelle mentions how visual I am. This trip was amazing.
We met up with JonJam and kiddos and T-Bone. Do any of these names make sense to you? They should. They drove and then we flew in for a few days. Disneyland with tykes is fun but Michelle is pretty much the sugar to my Cheerios.

We also saw Craig Ferguson. V.I.P. passes which means we were in the green room. The place where the celebs get drunk before going on. Its true. We sort of hung out with Ellen Page and Zooey Dechanel except they never came into the dressing room but just hung out in their own rooms. Still we were in very close proximity to them. Craig was awesome. He is the best improviser in late night. He's like a mule with a spinning wheel.
The warm up comedian must've went to the same clown college as Lamar because they had the exact same jokes. He referred to me as the "Gay guy from Utah" and then gave me a free shirt. It was a trip of trips. We've had 3 in the last 4 months. We like to get our trip on. I mean I work for an airline so whatev's right? So we've been celebrating Michelle's birth for the past week. They gave her a pin at Disneyland and so every worker who saw her told her happy birthday. Next year we'll have to go to Disneyworld and really get freaky.

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