Thursday, March 17, 2011

Compliments and Complaints

So lets keep the complaints up and also compliments.
Compliments- nice place and all moved in, Nick working from home so no commute, free laundry, Mishell got a promotion, new furniture from IKEA, and we have flight benefits.
Complaints- we are in crazy debt due to our flight benefit to Long Beach, IKEA furniture is kind of crappy, Mishell isn't sure when her new job promotion will start, I have no excuse for not doing laundry, and my hair is starting to look like an old ladies wig.
The biggest thing we're complaining about is our lack of tax return being returned sooner. We have some money coming that is taking a while. Stupid IRS online thought we had a first time home buyer credit which obviously we don't seeing as we are in debt and living in a studio. $4000 would compliment us nicely.
Same stylist. 

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Krista Eger said...

How did your flight to Long Beach get you in debt?? You didn't pay for it! :D
I've mapped out the long beach transit and have figured out how to get to the beach for 1.50 per person. Don't know if it's a good beach, but whatever, the beach is the beach. :D