Thursday, July 15, 2010

July Still

My wife (Miguel) is finally getting out her gall bladder. I call it "Darth Bladder" or "Gosh Bladder" or "Mall Latter", that last one makes no sense. Anyway, please pray that her gall bladder gets sent to hell.

We're now working up in Salt Lake County and still living in Utah County. WTH? We just love driving (sarcasm). Michelle does, she teaches driving.

This cat reminds me of Shell-

Miguelzabub made Carter cry at Mady's baptizm. She was giving a talk about baptism and went on about being together forever and then called Carter a bum. Carter curled up in the fetal position and cried. Miguelzabub was just trying to relate to Mady by saying that the offer might not always sound good but I guess it was a bit too real for him, but still funny. Miguelzabub also was just trying to explain "what the heck you're getting into" to Mady, to which Mady said "Yeah, water!" and everybody laughed heartedly.

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