Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The Land of the Summer

Hanna is an adorable kid. Adorable means worshipable. I don't worship Hanna but she is pretty awesome. Once again we watched a niece and then went to a party the next day. Whats up with these party girl nieces of ours? Actually theres been non stop running around for the last 2 weeks. We had birthdays of Maddy, Jared, Tom, Rory and Jamber. We bought gifts late but dang it we got'em! We got Maddy a book, Tom something off the internet, Rory a book, Jared a shirt, and Jamber a book. Anyway, we also saw a Beatles wannabe band which was worth it because they did pretty good with "Hey Jude" but were mostly off key (so says Michelle, I wouldn't know). Then there were fireworks for Taylorsville Dayzz. Lots of family events. Oh yeah and Father's Day. Michelle and I decided to go to Target and get some legit studio cheesefest pics for our fathers to their confusion and appreciation. We brought our own props but had some fun with some of theirs. The photographer was very delighted and even made a bunch of funny collages. All can be seen on Facebook but maybe I'll post some here. Of course what few weeks would be complete without some Scrabble, bowling, and leaving in the middle of the night for lortabs for Michelle's stomach pain. We're getting that sucker Gall Bladder out ASAP. Bowling is fun when you have a cute little niece because people always interact with her (especially at BYU's bowling alley). Hanna was so happy when she got just one pin, it was infectious. She quickly made friends with our neighbors. We also got some pizza and sparklers. Our place is pretty kid friendly, theres a bunch of kids' playgrounds and other tots running around. Anyway, happy whatever and thanks for that thing you did.
Here are the pics-

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Matt and Kelli said...

Oh my heck! I love those Target photos, they are hilarious! I can't get over it...I'm still laughing now. Don't get me wrong, you guys look fantastic but I can just imagine how much fun that photographer was having with that shoot! Have you ever seen the email awkward family photos? It totally belongs in there the only difference is you intentionally made yours funny! I love, love, love them! Oh and Michelle your hair is so adorable short. I love it.