Sunday, May 9, 2010

So this is Summer

Hi. Lately, its been Summer. I think its Summer. Still cold at night. No Summer at night yet. We can still get Summer sometimes during the day. Depends on the reception of the sun. I am a great adapter for warmer temperatures. Because I hate winter.

Michelle is making a cake. Or perhaps caking a make. Any takers? You cakers. I hate when the Lakers beat the Jazz. I think Michelle will have me beat the eggs.

Taught the Elders today. They were all drawing and coloring cards for Mother's day, while I was teaching. I'm used to it from our last ward, teaching nursery.

Michelle just fired me from helping to make the cake. She asked me to break the eggs and I was going to smash and break but she took my look and forsook me from having to cook.

I drew her a kitty on a card, but the cat wasn't that pretty, it was hard. It said "Rawr" and "Meow" and I then I gave it, to her "Wow".

Mother's day is a way, of showing a display, of being grown, out of kid's play, an adult now shown.

My mom has hair like that of the Red Sea, if it lived up to it's name and had red for people to see.

She's a good mom. So is the lady married to Tom.


Miguel said...

I really like how this didn't start out as a poem but ended up as one.

Jonny P said...

I had to go back and read the whole thing to make sure that I didn't just miss the first part being a poem.