Sunday, May 16, 2010

The Party Monster

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Meet Madisyn Pond. She is the our niece. We babysit other people's kids from time to time. But, this time it wasn't like we were babysitting. It was more like a crazy friend who likes to party hung out with us for the weekend. We went out to eat, then we went bowling, where there happen to be a dance off, which we won, of course, because Mady was rolling around on the ground and Miguel did the moonwalk. I mostly just shook it like a Polaroid picture. Mady was a favorite of the bowlers in our neighboring lanes because she would yell and scream whether she hit the pins or not and slide half way down the lane before dropping the ball. Quite amusing, indeed. Then we played video games and Mady got enough tickets to buy one of those toys that grows in water. We got it home and nothing happened but the next morning it had grown like 3 times the size to much of our delight. It was about the same size as a sleeping dragon fly I found.

These were the only bugs at our place. Despite what our nephew Carter might tell you about the sanitation of our place (no dead mice and spiders). Mady also exhibited a few dances she made up.

Then Mady was like "I know where there's a party". Turned out to be a birthday party for Carter, in Sandy at Bouncin Off the Walls. No problem. We drove and it was a little far away, so Miguel and I told Mady she could sleep if she wanted and she said "I don't sleep on the way if the place we're going I can bounce at." I follow that rule now.

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