Saturday, January 23, 2010

Thank You Generous Hosts

Our neighbor hasn't been evicted! Our management said they cannot "legally" kick him out. So, I guess that means they aren't playing by prison rules (which is no rules). But, we can "legally" move to another complex thats under the same management. The problem is the ones we like are $100 more than we're paying now. We'll keep looking and deciding. Our contract goes up in April. Perhaps an attic we shall seek.

Anyway, Nick had an amazing 25 year milestone in his life. I'm Nick. I got shoes and ate at Madelines with the Partridges and was showered with kind sentiments and steak and an extra side of buffalo wings. Then ate at Sweet Tomatoes with my damn family. People always say "fam damily". I say damn family, but, in a loving way. My mom also made her Italian approved lasagna with a salad that had Olive Garden dressing and a crayon cake. I always have liked Crayon Cake for my birthday and have gone to Nicklecade a lot on birthday occasions. Nicklecade is no longer around but Nickle Mania is, and its exactly like Nicklecade. Kid places hardly change, though.

So, Michelle got me some new shoes and is the best person to have a birthday with, because she is one of those play-hard/work-hard people, who know how to get a party going. Which is good for me cause I'm sort of one of those laid back, chillax kind of people. Unless Andrew W.K. is on. Or Vampire Weekend which my friends Tyra and Tom Partridge graciously bought me tickets to see in March.

And now Andrew W.K. with the weather-


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Krista Eger said...

Hey Vampire Weekend is my new discovery. Love them! :D
I can be a little behind in discovering awesome bands, but the point is that I find them eventually and don't mess around with lame ones!