Friday, January 15, 2010

Living the Dream

Marriage is awesome.

Yes thats exactly what it looks like. Its not me idea. Me as in Nick.
I thought I'd start writing on here again.
Things that are new or up in the air-
You've probably heard about our meth neighbor. Twice called the cops on him. First time was because we suspected Meth use. Second is because he's really loud and offensive sometimes at night. He has been a pain but we're not going to move till April because it would cost a lot and we like downtown. His name is Carl and he is a crazy gay man that looks like a pirate and loves Lady Gaga and songs like "I'm coming out, I want the world to know, got to let it show!" I know because he plays and sings a long to them. Which is all right. He has calmed down but its just awkward. Management told me that he wouldn't be living there much longer. I'm not sure what their definition of "living there much longer" means. Are they going to kill him?
Another thing. Michelle is working triple duty right now. That is not a new way of saying having to go to the bathroom #2 a lot. I mean that she is going to to a University that is an hour away, teaching driver's ed thats 20 min away, and babysitting 2 childrens in the mornings every other day and that is 30 min away. So please pray for Michelle. Meanwhile, Nick is just eating Tony's freezer pizzas and checking the Huffington Post every 15 minutes. I did get a job that starts soon. It will be for the U.S. Census Bureau. Sounds important and pays really well. That will be next month. Which is great cause Michelle put in her 2 weeks which turned into 2 months at her job. We're excited about that.
One more thing. Even though we haven't had cable or even those stupid converter boxes to watch TV we are able to stay caught up on American Idol, the Office, and whatever else. Did you see Pants on the Ground? That guy is and will always be my African American Idol. That would be a cool show (although racist due to its limiting implications on contestants' ethnicities due to the title). Is Ethnicities a word? Blogger says no and suggests that I replace it with "Elasticities" which is quite racist, indeed.
All in all we are living the dream!
Go Team COCO

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