Wednesday, July 15, 2009

A First Rate Update

So, this is Nick. Lets have a chat. I think I need to apologize first of all. When I started this blog I had a computer and now its on the fritz. So, we haven't been able to really log on the web our lives in a format that can be tolerated for a first rate update. Right now I'm using Tyra's computer. Although, I think the computer is using me. Its like defying me to believe its a good computer whenever I use it because I want to believe its a good computer. But, its better than mine.

Michelle is taking a nap. We've had a long last few days. Our little friend Vickie called up with another problem of using too much drugs or not enough. She was Michelle's companion in the mission. Now she is a user. So, we went to take her to the emergency room etc. etc. Point of the story is we didn't get much sleep and had to drive a lot. Her dad is not taking care of her I guess. We don't really know the full story ever but we hope she gets the treatment she needs.

Drugs are ba ba bad. Not in a cool way. Like smoking is. Just kidding. Smoking is only okay if they're rock stars or in a Police Drama. Other wise forget it. Lungs need air to spare not black smoke and tokes. But a lot of people still do these things.

I hope Michelle wakes up before 6 cause she has a class to teach. Yeah she isn't driving the short bus but she is still a driving instructor. She likes it. Me? You ask? Why yes I am going to intern for Senator Harry Reid in Washington D.C.. How did you know? Oh you didn't? Oh you found out on Facebook? Your sources are legit. We don't know yet the whole story with that either as far as housing or if Michelle is coming. So, there are some balls in the air. Balls are better than smoke in the air though.

Also, we have redeemed some clothes from the choco milk monster that happened. Oh yeah, it was a demon. We live on the 3rd floor and on a hill so when we get groceries we have a death hike so we carry all we can in one trip. Well, Miguel had like the OJ, Milk, and Chocolate Milk gallons and she dropped the choco milk bomb and it went everywhere in our kitchen. So, we cleaned it up and left the towels on the dirty clothes pile. A few days later we came home. The carpet reaked and then we went into the bedroom where the towels laid like an evil spider waiting for its prey. We were assaulted immediately by these moist, warm, disgusting towels and their rotten smell. We gagged. Michelle thought my gag was a good gag. She threw up. I threw them out of the apartment and then down the stairs and then into the rain and finally a dumpster. The smell lingered and I thought the clothes were unpardonable but they are redeemed. Hallelujah.

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