Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Extra Extra

So, we meet again. Has anyone got a chance to watch Nick's movie debut as bearded, drunk, high school dancer at a pool party in the S. Darko movie (sequel to Donnie Darko (but not really, just in name))? It is pretty fabulous. Hopefully, you don't watch the rest of the movie. Also, there is art up in Provo under the name El Digital Artist. We are hoping to get worldwide recognition. Michelle is now a driving instructor. You read that right. We're both working hard to make a difference. 10 people came up to us in our ward and asked if we were new. They were new to us. But, maybe we should try and befriend the old timies with some song and dance. I'm sure it would ease their arthritis. Its a pretty good ward. Our friends down the street Dan and Susan go to the ward just before us and guess who also goes there. You guessed wrong. Marv! Nick's 40 year old roommate from the time he wasn't married and lived in Provo. Weird. If you see a guy with a tattoo of the Nike sign then you know its Marv. Anyway, Happy birthday to everyone this month. We're kind of poor. So that might be your birthday card. Apologies.
Nick and Miguel's current favs-
Harry Potter
The Tonight Show with Conan O'Brian
Neko Case
Camera Obscura
Twilight Concert Series
Jimmy John's sandwiches
Our 46 in TV that Nick's parents bought for 30 dollars at a yard sale

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