Tuesday, March 3, 2009

We Cleaned Up Good

Miguel and I have been very fortunate to have such good amigos. We got 4 toasters. One of them was very special-

Sorry to anyone who gave us a toaster that didn't have Hello Kitty on it because we returned it. Because I mean look at the toast quality-

Miguel is a sucker for cute things which is why she married this guy-

We want to THANK YOU! So, thanks. Its been really fun being married for these past 2 months.
Our wedding was cool. I'll post some footage of it some time. But, we really liked all the presents of people who were present, as well as their presence. We had a lot of stuff. We'll get around to sending thank you cards soon but it might be years until then just accept this if you're reading this. If you're not reading this then please just wait for it. Also, if you're not reading this what are you doing? You should read our blog man. Its pretty awesome.
Yesterday was our 2 month anniversary here are some scenes that have been documented in that time via Cybershot video-
We got a beautiful home

Winger Eater

This is before I washed this dry clean only sweater.

Shakedown on Center St. in Provo

I'm Not Numb


Jamber said...

Gibson thanks you for the sweater!

The Eger Family said...

I'm gonna have to say that that toaster is the coolest toaster I have ever seen! But why is it hello kitty?? Is that your personal fav?