Saturday, March 21, 2009

Drunk 2 Year Old and a Gay Neutered Dog that Steals From Children

Miguel and I were placed in the custody of a little boy. His name is Gibson. He likes Rock and Roll and playing Ball. Sometimes he lives on the edge too much and swings around too much and falls on his butt-

As you can see Gibson was going through a lot. Miguel probably shouldn't have let this behavior carry on but it was mostly her idea. But, what I think really was the low point of our 2 hours of babysitting was when Gibs was playing with a ball. Everything was going great. Then out of the bushes and the shadows emerged a giant black beast that lunged at the blue ball and ripped it from Gibson's itty bitty hands. But, that wasn't all. Oh no not at all. This tyrant of a monster we'll call Arky then began to vigorously hump the ball. Then Gibson tried to regain control of his former toy and watch-

I'm pretty sure Arky would have lit up a cigarette if he wasn't Straight Edge. I mean you'd think after such an act his appetites would have been met and he'd retire to his dark dwelling to return again after a fort night. Oh false! Just look at his next ploy-

He stole the binky from a BABY! Arky must have been born from the depths of Hadeous like merciless vagabonds. By what cosmic misfortune do we share to have seen this rapist of life's virtue! By what yarn of a nook do we shake our heads at this circus like thievery! What a jerk! After the binky he slobbered his K9's over the left shoe of the littlest one. How does this mega mouch sleep at night? Probably on the tears of baby ducklings.
Well, anyway, I'd have to say it was one of our better babysitting experiences.

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crazymamma said...

oh man that was sooo funny...poor gibson! i was lauging soo hard! and poor ryker...and CRAZY ARCHIE..i think he needs to be evaluated...