Friday, November 14, 2008

How it all began...

August 28 at 6:00pm
So do you have a girlfriend? My cute Sisiter in law wants to go on a date with you. For real! She is so cute and funny!
August 28 at 6:49pm
Just like me! Does she play tennis?
August 28 at 11:05pm
Umm no tennis but she is always up for new fun stuff! She is moving down to Provo this weekend! Lets double!
August 28 at 11:43pm
This weekend?
August 29 at 5:11pm
No can do. But, maybe next week.

I have no idea what I was doing, putting love off for another week
August 29 at 5:11pm
Give me a call
August 29 at 5:39pm
Ok let me call my sister in law and I will call you!!!
August 30 at 12:21am
I don't think you will. You're super flaky.
August 30 at 10:06am
I will prove you wrong... Next Friday? How does that sound? Call me. If you don't by Wed I will call you!
September 1 at 10:18pm
This could be the One. If not then I'm never gonna dance again. Guilty feet have got no rythm. And it'll be all your fault.

Wow how prophetic. Of course you always think crazy thoughts when you're single cause you have so much time for yourself.
September 1 at 11:04pm
Huh... Why no reply to my text
September 1 at 11:18pm
what text?
September 2 at 9:35am
I sent you a picture of Michelle a good one like of her face.
September 2 at 5:08pm
oh I got it. I love it.

September 2 at 5:27pm
Got any other plans for before or after we eat?
September 2 at 5:28pm
Maybe I'll just ditch you guys and we'll go downtown.
September 3 at 9:56am
You and Michelle will go downtown? That would be fine with me... but dinner first!
September 3 at 5:03pm
I'm just saying. If we just eat then it'll be awkward afterwards unless we do something else.
September 3 at 10:36pm
Yeah well lets just talk during dinner about what to do. I think she is planning on doing something after.
September 4 at 12:07am
we decided to go to the art show at the U after
September 4 at 11:56am
Oh Nick! Well you guys just decided I am confused cause I just talked to her and she said that we should just go to Provo cause she does not have a ride up here.
September 4 at 4:26pm
oh maybe it was another Michelle
September 4 at 4:44pm
Pretty sure is was the moo... thats what I call her she hates it! i will call her or maybe you just call her work out the details and let me know
September 4 at 9:26pm
Ok tomorrow at 6:30... you down?
September 4 at 9:28pm
uh huh
where are we going?

The Beginning

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