Thursday, October 30, 2008

Engaging Photos

This is a collection of snap shots of our love. Some of them might scare you, others just offend, but mostly you should be glad that we're in love and not in jail.
Hold me.
A walk in the park downtown (otherwise known as the hobo mattress).
What are we looking at? Actually in this moment there was a 15 year old boy jumping some concrete barrier things and totally just hit his crotch on one and was crying. True story.
Yeah first base. First base is actually an elbow grab.
Greensleeves. This one is like if the camera was taking acid and tripping balls.
Trippin aint easy.
Riding the invisible bulls.
Walking the streets of love. I just yanked her out of the bushes in this moment.
Black and White. Cue the classical cat fancy music.
I really like this one. She looks like she's got fire in her blood.

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