Sunday, January 9, 2011

New Year, New Stories, New TCU Fans

So, Shell and I went to LA to celebrate our 2 year anniversary. Things were going great. We decided to hang out in Hollywood for new years because its gotta be cool right? Well we ended up being bored around 9:20 pm. We did see a lot of skanks and hobos and stars on the ground but that didn't fill up our expectations. But then something happened...We were walking around in that mall across from the Jimmy Kimmel theatre and next to the Chinese theatre. Then a lady with a southern accent asked if the elevator went to the hotel (like it was the elevator from Willy Wonka?) and we didn't even know there was a hotel around so we joined her in looking for it and went to the top floor. When we exited the elevator the lady disappeared and we saw strange sightings such as people in elegant garb, Austin Powers and Marylin Monroe look alikes, and signs that read "TCU". I was filled with curiosity while Shell was filled with animosity. She was insistent we leave based on our apparel not being up to par but I went ahead and found the ballroom. It was arranged in such a manner as to every cliche of a rich party you could think of- live band, free creme bru le, and plenty of "old money". So once in, Shell had no choice but to follow as I didn't have a charged cell phone and she would've been left with the skanks and hobos. Wise choice. On the dance floor I started to bust a move and soon Shell was unleashed and we became king and queen of the dance floor. Still aware of our lack of knowing how soon it was before they said something I assured Shell that they'll all be drunk soon anyway and won't care. It was true. Nobody said a thing other than with their eyes and a few times with their mouths to compliment our dancing. It was a party for the alumni of Texas Christian University. They were playing in the Rose Bowl the next day and were having a swanky pep rally for the elite that pay for the whole party. They didn't care we were there and neither did the service. They counted down the new year on Texas time and the marching band crashed the party. We ate the treats and had a good time. I got my picture taken with a disgusted Marylin Monroe and found out how the other half does it. Happy New Year.


Krista Eger said...

Awesome! Freakin' awesome! :D

Tyra said...

I'm sure it will be one that you will tell your Grandkids about!

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