Sunday, April 5, 2009

Giggle, Farts

So, lately Miguel and I have been socializing. Now that we're married we usually only hang out with other couples. Its kind of weird. When I wasn't married I usually only hung out with single people. Went to a single's ward and had single experiences. Now, that I'm a married man I hardly do anything by myself. I go to a family ward, I have family home evening, we eat with family and the usual things that people do. But, sometimes things that should be only to the single person will happen where you get to share something that single experience together with all your senses. In this case mainly the sense of smell. You see Miguel tells me that her genetics are so that she has a "weak stomach". So, I've learned that a weak stomach will sometimes make something that is very strong and can clear a room of any hope of comfort. As witnessed by little Maddy-

So, I know from further analysis that my calculations have been vindicated by children that have also shared my experience in their young age. Such an innocence lost and thrown literally to the wind. Innocence scene here by little Carter-

Giggles galore. But, did you listen carefully? Miguel said something amidst the laughing that might be something to remember when getting married. You won't always get a warning. Anyway, just remember this statistic everyone farts like 12 times a day and unless you are pretty close with them, you'll never know. But, once you get married that will be an eye opening and nose closing experience. And its kind of funny.

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