Friday, December 5, 2008

Last Night

Don't tell my boss, but last night I ditched work just to go hang out with Miguel. It was fun because it was like sluffing school again and we went around town. First place we went to was a book store and for some reason, when we're walking in Miguel (jokingly) blabs out, really loud "hey want to look up the dirty sex books?" Then, she noticed this lady trying not to smirk, out of disgust and disdain, right in front of us and I say "Of course!". Miguel was a shade of red, I think is only reserved for poisonous lizards in the amazons. That would be a good name for a blush from Maybeline, maybe. Anyway, so later we go to the mall to eat and Miguel was paying for it, so I ordered a cookies and creme shake and start drinking it without the lid, so I have a whip cream mustache. Then some random "bro" eating by himself says something dirty about it, that we both didn't get and I usually get dirty jokes but this one was confusing. So Miguel and I both just starred in confusion at this bro and he was like " don't get that joke?" and we were like "no..". A ha hah. That was so funny. I wish I could just stare at stupid dirty jokes till they feel uncomfortable and leave. I mean it wasn't funny and plus who is this bro? Anyway, that was fun. Yes sluffing is a word. In Utah at least.

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Leanne said...

There are things in this post that were supposed to be shocking, but were not because I know my sister. There are things that were supposed to be mundane that were shocking.